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The Pink House by the Sea
"La Casa Rosada Por El Mar"

"Just another day in Paradise"

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Guest Comments

Name: Cory Luoma
Sent: Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013
Opinion: Casa Rosada was a special place for my girlfriend and I. We stayed in the house for a full month. Both the cottage and the main beach house are very clean and comfortable. Much more than we expected. The location is very ideal for snorkeling, sea kayaking, and adventuring. It is located down a rough dirt road south of town, so you are not a convenient walk to town, but the remoteness is part of the appeal. I would recommend the house to anyone who is looking for that diamond in the rough beach experience with world class snorkeling, diving, and ocean activities out your front door.

From: Jesse Moore
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013
Skepticism is the art of withholding belief until empirical evidence is presented, and yes, I was skeptical at first about this frontier-style home in the remote southern reaches of Quintana Roo. However, as Victor and I drove down the jungle road from Xcalak towards Casa Rosada, I knew immediately I was going to love it there. Paradise is a subjective idea, but Casa Rosada is objectively a paradise. The beaches are magnificent. The frontier style home is fantastic, clean and comfortable. The mighty Mesoamerican reef looms a few hundred yards from the beach. Casa Rosada is close to paradise for sure. It is a unique place that one might encounter once or twice in a lifetime. It is filled with natural beauty, thousands of coconut trees and surrounded by a deep ecological beauty which is rare and precious. Casa Rosada is a must visit for every adventurous traveler with a taste for the wild and all the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

Name: Katie Edmiston
Year: 2013
Opinion: This place was great! If you are looking for a quite, secluded, place to check out of the rat race this is it! Right on the ocean with incredible fishing and some of the best snorkeling I have ever seen. Vic is an amazing host who goes above and beyond to make sure your stay is exactly what you want it to be. You can't beat this place for the price and seclusion. We hope to make it back there again!

Name: Tavish Gould
Year: 2012
Opinion: Scott and I visited Xcalak during the fall of 2012 and had an absolute blast. Vic and Brandon were our hosts for the six-ish weeks we lived there, and we couldn't have asked for better guys to share the experience with. The property itself is exactly as advertised: secluded. It's perfect for anyone looking for an out of the ordinary adventure. We spent our days fly fishing and touring around quintana roo on our motorcycles. Every single day brought new excitement and created memories that we won't soon forget. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I have nothing bad to say about my time there.

Name: Robert Huntington Stevens III, esq.
Year: 2012
Opinion: I stayed at your interesting house - the southern-most casa on the Yucatan's Costa Maya - for three months during the late winter and early spring season. When I turned down your sand drive on my motorcycle, from the sandy road to the village of Xcalak, I was hit smack in the face with a view through the orderly coconut grove that looked like a movie set. Bang, right on the beautiful turquoise and gin-clear sea that opens up in front of you. My first impression was :Holy Sh*t....this is way cool!
I truly appreciated the 'local' info you gave me - where everything was, what could be found in the village, and other places. I cooked split chickens on your large charcoal barbie with another guest multiple times, almost as a weekly routine. Anyway, I don't want to get too long in the tooth here, but would to say that my stay there was very nice. It is truly unique and calls for adventurous travelers. Please tell Iggy, the chief iguana, I said howdy. He was cool and really likes bananas. He would stealth hunt the small hermit crabs at low light, and I was impressed. Hey, I hope to return again! Take care...Biker Bob