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Movie, TV & Sports FREE TV LINKS

When you visit the beachhouse be sure to bookmark this page and register on these links so you can watch TV and Movies on your laptop

US TV Now - Free US News Stations - registration required Free Live World sports Not a free site, it costs $19.99 US per month and worth every penny if you are starving for nighttime entertainment with no hassles or interruptions. This is the best site I have found that works in Mexico and does everything it claims to do. This site does not allow you to stream movies but gives you unlimited downloads of all movies, old and new, the playbacks are uninterrupted and perfect quality. Very easy to navigate, pick a couple movies you want to watch tonight, click on download and then minimize your screen and go about your other computer business. It takes between 1 and 2.5 hours to download a movie depending on your speed and whether the movie is HD or regular. You can sign up for free and download 2 to 3 movies before they ask you to upgrade or terminate…try it. You will need to sign up for the $19.99 (US) per month
This will give you unlimited downloads. You do not need the VIP option. You will be able to download anything., for current and old TV shows, for current and old TV shows… favorite for TV shows., for Movies old and current, Free for streaming not free for downloading. for world sports.

NOTE: All of the above free sites have their own little quirks, each will send you to a list of hosts, some are instant streaming for free and some ask you to join for free yet they ask for all your personal info and credit card….those I blow off. In my opinion all of the above sites are virus free and advertisement supported however they have many pop up ads that open new windows during the process of getting to the free movie….DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT OPEN ANY OF THEM….some of the hosts will allow 1 or 2 and others will have as many as 5 or 6, I do not trust any of them to be virus free or safe. You will have to navigate each site independently and discover for yourself which works the best for you and which sites you like and don’t like…good luck.

If you are living in the cottage you may need this file below to get a better connection to the house router
Some people with newer laptops seems to get a good connection without it

Go here and download - PC ANTENNA DRIVER in Zipped format

Right click on this zip file to save this folder and download it to your computer- after you download it - go to it on your computer and right click on it to extract it... then run the setup.exe file. It will leave a blue face icon on your desktop labebed Realtek
After you are in the cottage plug in the USB antenna and it should automatically find the signal
You may have to tell your wifi to disconnect from the house router/antenna first in order to get it to use the Alfa antenna on the roof of the cottage

If you are living here and need more bandwith you can pay David in town xtra for that as some people need more bandwidth to make clearer phone calls on Skype on their cell phones.
I pay $80 US per month for what I have presently which is 1000 pesos for 1 MB of bandwidth per month but you can also get 1.5 Mb per month at 1,500 pesos ($120 US) or full speed access for 2,500 pesos ($200) per month that means from 4 Mb to 2 Mb depending on the peak hours which are from 8 am to 8 pm and weather conditions.