Pink House by the Sea
"Just another day in Paradise"

Oceanfront House
Upstairs Balcony View
Oceanview - Beachfront - Oceanfront
Ocean front Beach House
View From Downstairs

Xcalak, Fly Fishing Video

Made at Reef in Front of House
It's All about the VIEW

Paradise is this secluded oceanfront house with guest cottage on the Mexican Caribbean. Enjoy the magnificent view of this palm lined beach with crystal clear blue water and a view of the MesoAmerican Reef only 500 yards offshore. You can wade out 500 feet then swim out to go snorkeling around huge brightly colored coral heads or go fishing. right out your front door. Fully furnished kitchen. Plenty of Coconut palms to hang hammocks between on the beach. It is a quiet getaway for the romantic couple, writer or artist seeking a place to escape and create.

You live totally off the grid here so are very independent - great for survivalists, campers, sailboaters, fisherman!
This was once a coconut plantation and all kinds of fruits, nuts & vegetables grow well in this area:
Buy locally or grow your own bananas, almonds, pineapples, noni, papayas, mangoes, avocadoes, plantain, cantalope, watermelon, tomatoes, beets, eggplant -all the same things you can grow in Floridas sandy soil grow here too.

Mexico MAP
Driving here from Houston, TX takes 3-4 days and in my SUV cost me about $1500 for gas, tolls, food and good motels w.wifi.
I use Sanborns Insurance for Mexican auto insurance - you must keep full coverage in the USA if you want to be covered by full coverage insurance in Mexico. I have also been told to check with Lewis&Lewis as it may be cheaper
In Chetumal 2.5 hours away there is a Sams Club, Chedrai - a WalMart type grocery store, Office Depot, McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King and Mall of the Americas in Chetumal.

Yes major credit cards accepted - just like in the US. You get your pesos out of the ATM machines using your debit card. The cruise ship port of Mahahual is one hour north of us for souveniers and shopping also. The quaint fishing village of Xcalak 3 miles north is probably what Cancun looked like 50 years ago. Small family owned tiendas (stores), unnamed dirt streets w.wood frame houses surrounding a soccer field.

If you are a pilot and would like to fly down there is a large well maintained Paved Airstrip with it's own security 5 miles away. Aviation Fuel in Cancun or Chetumal. This area is famous for its diving, sportfishing, flyfishing, mayan ruins and proximity to shopping in Belize by boat. San Pedro Belize is only a 30 minute boat ride away. Dive shop and Xcalak fishing guides will pick you up right in front of the house for diving, snorkeling, fishing and exploring. Most popular snorkeling reef and fishing hole right in front of this house and cut in reef to go out deep sea fishing.
There is a small aluminum rowboat to use. The waters are very calm as it is actually considered to be a bay protected by the reef.


If you plan to fly into Cancun and buy groceries and then drive down (it takes 5 hours) you will need to get up very early so you will get to xcalak before the sun sets.
You should buy your groceries at a grocery store in Playa del Carmen as the traffic in Cancun makes them harder to find.
Click here for list of groceries to print which you should get before arriving
Playa del Carmen further south also has a Mcdonalds and Burger king on each side of highway 307. As you go south on 307 in Playa del Carmen (there is alot of construction) across from the burger king you will see a Sorianas grocery store on the right in a mall that is easy to get to. It is on the right (west) side of 307.
Lifetime MAPS

ADD Mexico to your GPS
Here is a map to print showing all the grocery stores in Playa del Carmen-there is a walmart and office depot there too
The main drag going into Playa Del Carmen towards the beach and all the shopping is on Constituentes going east if you want to see what Playa looks like and there are also alot of large grocery stores there as well as walmart. There is a Subway in Tulum you may want to stop at on the way down.
In Xcalak the Leaky Palapa on the main drag is best for dinner (email for reservations)
For tacos Tobys little red and white painted cafe. Sylvias is nice for fish/rice dishes. Costa de Cocos for fish tacos and pizza.Tierra Maya for fine dining.
Print these maps and take with you of this area
Xcalak Town Map 1
Xcalak Area Map 2

Things to pack as they are cheaper in the US and you will need them down here: Suntan lotion, rubber soled wading booties or dive boots, mask, fins and snorkel, 4 port USB hub for your laptop, headset to make phone calls from your laptop, LED flashlight and batteries for it.

Let me know as far in advance as possible if you want to book additional months because I advertise and book constantly

My recommended products for living here:

More Products I recommend getting for use here:

DOWNSTAIRS & UPSTAIRS - NO VACANCY - 1 bedroom w.bath downstairs inside oceanfront beach house with kitchen/dining/livingroom area and covered patio facing ocean $1000 weekly
Most people drive down in their own SUV, Jeep or Pickup.


It is a 2 story duplex with separate entrances on the back
Please read the entire website then - fill out CONTACT FORM for more information
No Maid Service - you do your own housekeeping.
Hammocks are not provided you can buy your own in Mahahaul
All of the power comes from a battery bank that is powered by solar panels for running the refrigerator, fan, internet and lights.
THERE IS NO AIR CONDITIONING - Just Ocean Breezes and Floor Fans.
Pets are welcome.
Internet Speed is about DSL speed and we are lucky to have it in such a remote area.
It is not reliable or fast enough for video conferencing or day trading
but it is good enough for Email, Surfing the Web, TV & Movies, and Magic Jack or Skype for phone calls.

Fresh Fruits, vegetables, beer/wine, liquor and groceries are available locally in Mahahual and Xcalak.

Driving from Texas to Xcalak

Cute, secluded, comfortable, 200 sq.ft. efficiency cottage - $300 per month for 1 person only 200 feet from the beautiful clear pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea, guest cottage with double size bed, dining table w.2 chairs, kitchenette with double burner stovetop & mini fridge, in suite bath with large shower, floor fan for cooling, self contained rain & well water for showers, dishes, silverware, pots/pans, towels, sheets, bottled water for drinking & cooking, Internet is only available as a signal from the house. You should bring your own wireless booster antenna for indoors to pickup a stronger signal from the house.
The rental rate is a minimum charge of $300 whether you stay 1 day or 30 days in a month - non-refundable $300 deposit paid in advance applies towards last months rent. I recommend driving down in your own SUV, Jeep or Pickup Truck as all the roads here are dirt.

>>>Click Here to see Guest Cottage<<<

You must provide your own transportation. Best to drive down in an SUV, jeep or pickup as the house is 3 miles on a very rough dirt road to get to the tiny town of Xcalak for shopping. Rent includes use of property amenities such as the little 8 ft. row boat, two ocean kayaks, large Bar-B-Q, and loungers - please bring your own snorkel & fishing gear, 30 day minimum charge.

More About Living Here

There is 1 type of internet access available - grid system hooked to a wireless router that works throughout the house, on the beach and out back in the guest cottage where it is slower (download .27 mbps/upload .06mbps wireless from house) Internet Speed in the house is: (500 KBPS speed - 700 download and 150 upload).
You can actually use your laptop and be online right on the beach and all around the house outside.

Included in your rent is WIFI - I get 1 MB of bandwidth per month for 1000 pesos ($80) - if you need more speed you should bring your own wireless range extender antenna booster for use in the cottage
If you want even more speed you will have to pay extra to the service that provides it in town:
1.5 Mb per month is 1,500 pesos ($120 US) or full speed 2-4 MB access for 2,500 pesos ($200) per month depending on peak hours of usage by others living here from 8 am to 8 pm and weather conditions.

We can also mount a separate antenna on our tower for you for $250 and you can pay for your own internet separately so you don't have to share it with others living here - with a full bandwidth account this would enable you to do teleconferencing, make phone calls and do day trading more easily. You would also need to bring your own wireless router to go w. your new antenna. There are no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied on the internet service as it is not provided by us.

We are 3 miles south of the fishing village of xcalak w.locally owned convenience stores and restaurants. There are no other houses around for 3 miles so it is very private and secluded.
WE ARE ON SOLAR POWER SO Sorry NO HEAT PRODUCING APPLIANCES ALLOWED - You Cannot use the following NO HEATING PADS, NO HAIR DRYERS, NO CURLING IRONS, NO MICROWAVES (you cook on the stove), No C-Pap Machines, NO COFFEEMAKERS (you boil water in a teapot to make instant coffee, use a french press or bring your own percolator), NO TOASTERS (you heat your tortillas/bread in a pan), NO HOT WATER (this is the tropics - the sun heats the water on the roof),
NO washer/dryer (You drop laundry off in town - easy and very affordable - wash, dry, fold $5) Lavenderia open M W F: 8-12 & 1-4,

You live Totally "OFF THE GRID" on SOLAR POWER so you must conserve power by remembering to turn off lights and fans and unplug electronics at night.

Water Conservation: We are living off rainwater stored in tanks so please expect to be conservative about water usage.

No Phones or cell service - Phone calls are made thru Skype or Magic Jack thru your LAPTOP. Cellphones do not work here (closest cell reception is 1 hour away in Mahahual so you can forward your phone numbers to a US Skype, Majic Jack or Google Voice number to ring on your laptop). Your cell phone connects to the WIFI and you make calls thru Skype on your cellphone but you should install Skype on your cellphone first while in the US.
No mail service - you should arrange for someone in the US to pickup your mail and deposit your checks or put them on autodeposit and do all your banking/billpaying online. I also provide mail services if needed your mail can be forwarded to me in the US and I can have it scanned and emailed to you

Notice to new tenants: We are now requiring you to sort your trash by bagging glass in one bag and aluminum cans in another and paper products and food cans in a separate bag for burning. If you do not want to do this - you will have to take your own trash to the dump - the dump charges $3.85 (50 pesos per dropoff). Dump hours are 10 am to 4 pm - Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Please drain and compress all aluminum cans as they are donated to the local church

My Recommended Products for living here:

You can get all your TV & Movies online here via your laptop.
I suggest bringing your own mp3/cd player for music and a laptop w.good quality headset to make phone calls. No desktop computers please as they use too much power.
You may want to use an XM/Sirus Satellite radio for music and remember that to use it indoors you must bring a home kit with flap antenna, wall plug and speaker for it which you can get on the amazon links above - this way you can have unlimited news and music indoors.

Check on Flights
to Cancun

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Plan to work, live, or retire in Mexico? Ease your transition with a unique, practical, and humorous guide. Mexico: The Trick is Living Here 2nd Ed. covers cultural differences, cost of living, health care, safety, expatriate lifestyle in Mexico, and much more.

Car Shipping
Ship 5-6 days a week to Progreso. Depending on where you are driving from in the US the gas, tolls, hotels and so forth are about the same as the shipping fee.
I think you can ship most cars for under $600 from FL and can be as high as $1800 in Houston. Click here to read more about car shipping. Fly from Mobil, Alabama or Tampa, FL to Merida to pickup your car in Progresso.

Click here for more photos of house

View of town and house

Beach House Video

Beach House Video 3

Beach House Video 4


Click here for video of beach from balcony

OTHER WAYS OF GETTING to this Beach House south of Xcalak, Mexico

From the CANCUN AIRPORT take the ADO shuttle bus to Playa Del Carmen ($15) and spend the night there ($40). The next morning catch the morning bus to Limones ($24) then once in Limones catch a Taxi to Xcalak ($60) to arrive around 2 pm (maybe if you are lucky someone will be there you can split the taxi fare with)
Be sure to arrange ahead of time for someone to pick you up at Tobys Cantina or the Xcalak Realty office where there is. shopping next door and across the street. It is 100 pesos ($8) for pickup and the caretaker can drive you around for groceries before going to the house. Anytime you need him to drive you into town it is 100 pesos.

Bus from Cancun to Mahahual: 5.5 to 6 hours - 420 pesos - leaves Cancun at 6:45 am - arrives 11:45 am
Same bus leaves Mahahual at 5 pm sharp to go back to Playa Del Carmen and then Cancun

I highly recommend making reservations online at the Casa Jido Bed & Breakfast or Jungla Caribe both in Playa de Carmen both have in room WIFI and Jungla has a restaurant on site
Take a Taxi for (20 pesos) from the bus station to the hotel.
The next morning take a taxi back to the bus station at 5th and Juarez or walk 3 blocks to the BUS TERMINAL
It is best to come down with your own transportation or rent a jeep, but you can also fly in, take the bus down and rent a motorcycle for $200 per month or buy a used moped for about $400, used quad $1500, new moped $1000, new dirtbike $1200.
Sorry there are no moped or bicycle rentals but you can buy new bicycles at Walmart in Chetumal

When you want to fly back you return the same way you came down
Then take the ADO bus from Playa that lets off all passengers at Terminal 2 at the airport.
Tropicante Bar Mahahual Bus Information Page
A shuttle bus is available to Terminal 3 and there is a walkway.

Xcalak Bus Schedule

Bus schedule from Mahahual to Xcalak to Mahahual
Please be aware that all times are “Mexican Time” which means
Maybe this is when the bus will leave/arrive give or take 1 hour???

Leave Mahahual
Arrive Xcalak
8 am
10 am
7 pm
9 pm

Leave Xcalak
Arrive Mahahual
5 am
7 am
2 pm
4 pm

The bus company’s name is Caribe (ca-re-bay)

Caribe Bus leaves XCALAK to Mahahual and then Limones at 5:30 am and at 2:00 pm. It is 50 pesos to go from Xcalak to Mahahual

Caribe Bus leaves Limones to XCALAK at 7:30 am and at 5:30 pm.

Caribe Bus leaves from Chetumal at 6:00 am and at 4:00 pm. and takes about 4 hours to arrive in XCALAK.

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