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Car Shipping Information from tenant Christy M. on 2/12/2014

I used also known as Linea Peninsular.
If you ship from Houston its $1800
If you ship from their office in Florida its only $600. (They said that the Houston ports have a lot of taxes and fees that why its so much more expensive)
There is a deposit that must be paid when you get to Mexico to ensure that you take your car with you when you leave (then you get your deposit back).
Import deposit was about $200-400 depending on the year of your car. I have 2006 Jeep so I paid $300.
Then the import sticker was $50.
Also there is an option of getting a Mexican Forwarding Agent. The cost is $250 and I HIGHLY recommend paying this-its well worth it.
His name and contact information is shown to the right.

My Jeep went to the port in Progesso. I flew from Houston straight to Merida.
My Mexican Agent picked me up from hotel in Merida and drove me to Progresso where we had to make several stops:
Peninsular office, Bank to put down deposit and pay import fee, a place to make copies of everything, the check-in desk to get a visitors pass for the pier, then out to the pier where my Jeep was waiting.
My guy handled everything and everyone seemed to know him and all the ladies seemed to like him :). That's the kind of guy I like having on my team! :)

From Progresso it was then about an 8 hour drive to Xcalak

Mexican Forwarding Agent:
Lic. Alejandro Montalvo López
GBC México
Calle 31a # 480 C x 52 y 56 Col. Itzimna
Mérida, Yucatán México
Telefono: (999) 252 74 44
Iusacell: 9992 18 06 27
Telcel: 9991 43 93 24